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Ekukhanyeni Relief Project focuses on uplifting the poverty stricken settlements surrounding Johannesburg, South Africa

What They Do

Ekukhanyeni Relief Project champions poverty alleviation and sustainable community development through complementary community-based programmes that improve the capacity of marginalised and poor communities in urban and informal settlement environments to provide effective early childhood care and education to its children and adult support network and to achieve and sustain food and nutrition security.

Help Support

Clearstone donates a large portion of our profits to support this amazing cause.

Every bit helps them to nourish and nurture the minds and hearts of those less fortunate and to help leave a lasting impact through sustainable food initiatives and a strong educational foundation to build successful futures for our little ones.

What They've accomplished

Since 2005, the organization has been working from within communities to build resilience to a multitude of social challenges through its Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Food & Nutrition Security programs with a strong emphasis on the promotion of local community mobilization and engagement to both encourage upliftment and resilience, as well as to develop social capital and community-based resources.


When you work with us to grow your business, you really are changing the world.

We give a portion of every dollar that Clearstone makes to this fantastic organization.

All funds and time donated go towards helping with early childhood development, job creation as well as nutrition and food security for the impoverished communities in and around South Africa.

Every bit helps to nourish and nurture the minds and hearts of those less fortunate.

Together, here's how we're improving lives:

Establish naturally grown Food Gardens at community households, centers and schools.

Our Permaculture food garden at Don Bosco Educational Centre is feeding 200 children with nutritious foods. The Centre no longer has to purchase vegetables as the food garden provides them with a surplus… so exciting!

3857 children aged 4-6 years have been educated through our Early Learning classes. 

Love, education and nutrition makes a huge difference in children’s lives, and shapes how people grow up to be.

Agri-Project Development, Skills Development  and Training and Coaching services country-wide.


Help support

Together We Can Change The World!
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